Our Food

Special Recipe


Ayam Gepuk Pak Gembus (AGPG) is an Indonesia cuisine which originates from Yogjakarta.

The chicken is marinated with various herbs, deep-fried to golden brown and then smashed, served with fresh sambal.


How are we special

You can decide the taste of the chicken by customising the spiciness. It’s appetizing and addicting.

Our Drinks

Fusion Berry Tea

A delightful blend of black tea and mixed of sweet & sour berries that creates an aromatic and delicate taste. Bursting with the mouth-watering flavour of berries!

Honeydew Latte

Honeydew melons, the sweetest of all melons, rich and sweet taste of milky and light honeydew melon taste

Iced Lemon Tea

Our R&D expertly blend zesty lemon juice with organic black tea for an iced tea experience like no other. To the right balance between tea and lemon.

Strawberry Latte

Classic rich and creamy strawberry latte using natural strawberry flavor to bring out the good qualities of fresh and creamy.